Becoming a Leadership Figure in the Real Estate Industry

February 22nd, 2016

Many Realtors or ‘Estate Agents’ as we call them in the UK, dream of one day running their own private real estate practise. Only as an equity partner of a real estate brokerage, can one truely benefit from the high commissions that can be earnt from facilitating big ticket property transactions.

I’m Leadership Expert, a leadership blogger who reflects upon leadership skills and leadership values in many industries. However as of yet, the real estate industry has avoided the penetration of my leadership analysis. Until now.

First I will talk about how you can rise up through the ranks and become a senior manager of a real estate brokerage, and then I’ll go to explain what new criteria of objectives you will need to succeed running your own estate agency.

So, what does it take to become a leader within a real estate brokerage?

Unlike many other industries, the leaders of real estate companies were very often entry level employees when they first joined the business. The swiftness with which you can rise thruogh the leadership ranks of real estate will very much depend on how good your core salesman and real estate admin skills are. Because it’s often the brightest and best at selling that are pushed upwards through the organisation.

This is in stark contrast to the majority of industries, where entry level qualifications and connections can quickly mean the difference between a 10 year route to the top, or a 25 year route. (Which is certainly not the type of route you want to be on!)

So this means that in order to boost your credentials and improve your chances for success, you should focus on your productivity and attention to detail during your working hours. You should even consider putting in extra hours after work to make a great impression, (although this step should only be taken in special cases to great effect, and shouldn’t become part of your normal routine unless absolutely necessary.

If you want to be the leader of your own Estate agency, then people skills are an absolute must. Good, strong leadership comes from great relationships with employees. The giant leap of moving from employment into a business owner who takes on the risk of employing others, is a massive step and should not be under estimated.

Many individuals leave the 9-5 to start their own business in order to reduce their stress and dependance on others. But in actuality, running your own business can lead to far longer hours being worked, and stresses coming from all angles. Suddendly, every tiny piece of economic data is a threat to your income, and your future becomes uncertain. So that’s just something to think about.

I’d like to conclude with the summary points;

The key to becoming a successful real estate leader is a solid productivity record, and excellent expertise in the practical areas of work, rather than academic qualifications.

The key to being a successful real estate brokerage owner is to be able to ‘switch off’ at night, or to be comfortable with a ‘working all hours’ attitude that comes with running your own business.

Optimistic Prospect of Chinese Chlor-alkali Industry in 2010

February 22nd, 2016

In December 2009, with the rise of the international PVC price, Chinese domestic PVC price also saw increase. The monthly growth rate reached 66 USD/ton. In the following 1-2 months, it is forecast that the price of Chinese PVC by the calcium carbide method will also be raised, while the growth rate is lower than that of the international price.

From January to November of 2009, the newly started area in Chinese real estate industry was 976 million m2, rising by 15.80% YOY. The PVC consumption in profiles, pipes and sheets closely related to the real estate industry took up about 60% of the total PVC consumption. The development trend of Chinese real estate industry plays a decisive role in the PVC demand. In November 2009, the apparent consumption of Chinese PVC reached 823,000 tons, increasing by 50.20% YOY. Chinese calcium carbide production came up to 1.44 million tons in November 2009, growing by 107.52% YOY; the high growth rate results from the low production in the same period of 2008.

From January to November of 2009, the apparent consumption of Chinese PVC came up to 9.76 million tons, rising by 15.20% YOY. The newly started area of Chinese real estate industry remains rising. With the recovery of Chinese real estate construction in 2010, Chinese PVC apparent consumption is expected to increase stably with the growth rate of 10%-15%.

Since November 20th, 2009, Chinese electricity price is raised by 0.028 RMB (0.41 cent)/KWH. The PVC production costs by the international ethylene method and domestic calcium carbide method are recalculated according to the electricity price adjustment program. It is predicted that the international crude oil price will be 75 USD/barrel on average while the domestic PVC apparent consumption will maintain the growth rate of 10%-15% in 2010. Thus, the maximum cost of PVC production by the calcium carbide method will be about 1,000 USD/ton. The average price in East China is about 1,050 USD/ton. PVC enterprises in West China with cost advantage will gain the net profit of 100-130 USD/ton.

After May 2009, the growth of Chinese PVC price leads to the operating rate increase of Chinese chlor-alkali enterprises. The supply of caustic soda is raised. When the downstream demand is in the downturn, Chinese caustic soda price continues to decline. Presently, the profitability of Chinese caustic soda industry stays at the lowest level in recent years; the price has reached the bottom.

In China, the caustic soda is mainly applied in the papermaking, chemical industry, textile printing, light industry, alumina, steel and pharmaceutical industry, etc. Among them, the papermaking industry takes up the most consumption of caustic soda. In 2008, the consumption in the papermaking industry accounted for 25% of the total caustic soda consumption. The chemical industry, with the consumption proportion of 23%, ranked the second. The textile printing industry followed with the consumption taking up 19%. The consumption proportions of the alumina industry and the daily chemical light industry accounted for 11% and 7% respectively.

Driven by the operating rate increase of Chinese PVC production by the calcium carbide method, Chinese caustic soda production reached 1.83 million tons in December 2009, the highest monthly production in 2009 with the YOY growth rate of 88.19%. The operating rate reached 88.69%. In November 2009, the production of the downstream alumina was 2.37 million tons, rising by 43.12% YOY. In November 2009, the production of Chinese machine-made paper came up to 8.72 million tons, increasing by 28.5% YOY.

In November 2009, Chinese caustic soda production was 1.83 million tons, hitting the record high of monthly production. The production was increased by 88.19% YOY and 2.6% on the month-on-month basis. The operating rate was 88.69%, close to the level of 90% in 2008H1. With the further revival of the downstream demand, the price of caustic soda is expected to recover.

Appropriate Brochure Format For Your Specific Industry

February 22nd, 2016

There are different brochure formats that are effective for different industries. Each format will usually require a different kind of brochure printing and maybe even special kinds of designs. If you want to know what is the correct brochure printing format to use in your business, let me tell you what formats certain industries use in terms of color brochures.

Brochures for sales.

Sales brochures are a classic staple for brochure printing. If you are into sales, you should probably already have a sales brochure of your own. If not, then it is time to print some. Sales brochures usually have lots of images of the products you want to advertise, along with the specific details about it. This is perfect if you are selling things like gadgets, machinery and other products that need some technical descriptions and information on it. So if you need to give a customer specific and detailed information about your products, you may want to produce some sales brochures.

Brochures for public relations.

Now, if public relations are more your forte, then a PR brochure is perfect to uplift that business image and get people to like your company. PR brochures are much like sales brochures, but they just advertise a company more than a product. Not only must you print the specific details of a company in a PR brochure, you must also give out the corporate philosophy, the vision of the company and maybe even some of its outreach programs and awards. Texts and images must come together to give a great impression about the business.

Brochures for customer applications.

If you are a business that requires customers to apply for an account, such as a bank or other service industry, then the perfect brochure for that are form brochures. Form brochures are simple brochures that also advertise a certain product or service. The difference here is that it has already an application form written on it. In this way, people can simultaneously read what the product is all about (such as a new savings account scheme) and then start to apply for it with the same brochure letter. This makes the whole process more streamlined and you save a lot of money printing since you do not have to print separate application forms.

Brochures for job recruitment.

Form brochures can also work if your business needs people, or if you are in the headhunting (recruitment) business. You can basically advertise the jobs that you want filled using a brochure, and maybe even add some unique backgrounds about the company that people will be applying for. Then on the same brochure, they can actually already fill out an employment application quickly because it is a form brochure. This helps you quicken the recruitment process and saves you some money printing application forms and PR brochures for employment.

Brochures for information dissemination and awareness.

Finally, if you are into the business of information dissemination and awareness, or you just need to spread the word of something about your company or products (such as a new manufacturing process) then brochures can help you out if you want them to. Information brochures are another classic staple in brochure printing, and most can easily make these themselves at home. These kinds of color brochures use mostly text to communicate with readers with only a sprinkling of images.

Hopefully you have found a nice brochure type that your business might be able to utilize by using the list above.

Numis Network Marketing

February 22nd, 2016

What is Numis Network Marketing? It’s the marriage of Numismatic coins and the network marketing industryYou know when you hear a bunch of newbies spouting hype about a new company that is revolutionizing the industry?

When you investigate the company you realize its the same me too business that you’ve been pitched a thousand times. Its boring as hell and I see it all the time. And I usually dismiss this as just another BS hyped out biz opp that won’t be around in a year and a half.

This is usually the case, but when I hear those same words from top producers and heavy hitters I tend to pay attention. That my friends is how I came to learn about the Numis Network

The Numis Network is literally changing the network marketing world and here’s why

The product is collectible rather than consumable. Where as most network marketing products decrease in value these products will increase. This may be the most perfect product network marketing has ever seen.

Many network marketers have garages full of juice drinks and other products that they can’t give away or consume fast enough That is one of the reasons why so many network marketers quit before they start seeing results.

They get fed up by their lack of results and they cancel their products because they Don’t you think you’d retain more customers if your products increased in value over time?

By definition Numismatics is the study and collection of money. The hundred billion dollar Numismatics industry is currently experiencing record growth.

With the economy getting worse and showing little sings of recovery people are realizing:

A: They need to start looking for other options
B: The U.S. Dollar is losing value |and precious metals such as gold and silver are skyrocketing

Coins are by far the best way to collect gold and silver. Numis network coins are made from only the highest grade silver and gold. If you’re in network marketing you need a product with real market value. Even if you don’t have a home based business did you wake up this morning and say wow, I have too much gold?.. I don’t know what to do with it all.. If not you need the Numis Network.

Two powerful industry players have joined forces, giving them both a more powerful voice

January 22nd, 2016

The Institute of Estate Agents (IEASA) and the Southern African Property Transfer Guide (SAPTG) recently announced that they would join forces in providing South African estate agents with support and training. �•The Institute currently represents around 30% of estate agents in South Africa and hopes to grow this to 50% in the near future,” says Ken Ralph the chairman of the National Board. The South African Property Transfer Guide is a source of online information on the South African property market that provides estate agents with the most valuable commodity in the industry: knowledge.

Many agents and, indeed, the profession as a whole, would be completely lost without the technological advances of today, and the news that the IEASA and SAPTG have formed a strategic alliance has been well received. Dieter Deppisch, SAPTG National Manager Property Data Research and Training, said: �•This partnership reflects our belief that the South African real estate industry is strengthened by having one voice and coming together in one forum.

�•By bringing together the leading online source of information about the South African property market and the country’s largest association of real estate agents, the alliance stands out as a significant step in the strengthening of the industry.

�•The IEASA has been representing estate agents in South Africa for 75 years and we will motivate all agents who subscribe to SAPTG to join the Institute.” This has to be good news for the Institute, which says that at this stage, membership of the organisation currently sits around 30%.

The alliance has hit the ground running and has already conducted seminars throughout the country aimed at educating estate agents on, among other things, the importance of statistics and the vital role they play in the industry. The overall message is that professional agents should use statistics to back up what they are saying.

Established in 1993, the SAPTG has been using Internet technology to help property professionals offer a statistical scientific service that empowers them to value property correctly and determine pricing trends in certain areas. The web-based site has effectively changed the way that agents do business and has certainly played a role in silencing stubborn sellers who refuse to accept a realistic, market-related valuation until they see concrete evidence. Essentially, having access to historical information about a specific property and about other properties in the area empowers estate agents to value properties realistically.

Industry’s Top 2 Corded Drills

November 12th, 2015

A good corded drill is one of the most important components of any tool-box, and although each may claim to be better than their neighbor, there are some power drills that truly do it better. Its also true that the most heavy-duty craftsmen require an equally heavy-duty tool, and these drills, built with uncommon power, precision, and innovation, exemplify top-tier craftsmanship while yielding always superior results. When compared to any of the competition, these two power tools regally stand their ground as the best corded drills in the industry.

Milwaukee’s 0234-6 (1/2″) Magnum drill is specifically designed for the most heavy-duty industrial and construction applications. With the huge power of a 5.5 amp motor, and the un-dwindling reliability of a corded drill, the tool has the capacities to take on any project. With speed control from 0 – 850 RPM, a reversing ability, and Milwaukee’s quick Quick-Lok cord that can pop right off the drill for easy storage or replacement, the tool is both convenient and versatile. Craftsmen continually accolade the 0234-6 for its exclusive brush cartridge system which uniquely allows you to change your brushes in, usually, less than one minute. The cartridge also comes with a spare set of brushes to keep you out of trouble on the jobsite. Additionally, the Magnum can be adapted to many Milwaukee accessories to make your drilling possibilities nearly limitless.

Additionally, the Makita DP4000 (1/2″) variable speed, reversible drill is one of the more powerful, high-performance drills the industry has yet to unveil. With a hugely powerful 7 amp motor the tool is champion over even the most heavy-duty applications. The tool’s variable speed ranges from 0 – 900 RPM for the most effective and controlled drilling in a variety of materials, and because the tool is corded, there is no threat that the drill’s power will deplete or shut-down; a corded tool is continuously and consistently powerful with every (even extended) use. The drill is ergonomically designed to provider users with optimized control and comfort, and because the tool’s side handle oh so nicely rotates a complete 360 degrees, the drill is also surprisingly versatile. Designed with an all ball-bearing construction the tool boasts maximized durability, overall longevity, and smooth operation, and with easily accessible brushes, brush replacements are a far simpler process.

Satisfying all the drilling needs of industrial craftsmen, these models leave nothing to be wanted and bring unique, durable professionalism to your projects. Each offers the unmatched power of a corded, non-dwindling power source, the brilliance of their brand, and the straight-up drilling power to complete your applications better. Representing the absolute best in the tool business, the 0234-6 and DP4000 are forces you’ll definitely want fighting at your side.

Learn Applications of Various Industrial Machines

September 15th, 2015

There are plenty of industrial machines around us, which will help people in our daily professions. Everyone knows that industrial machines are required for productive manufacturing. Without most of the machines, we cannot continue your current occupation. Every machine holds its own significance in the industry today.

When you need starting with your person organization or maybe manufacturing factory, you need to pay for many of these industrial models industrial bins, drum handling equipment, drill presses, finger jointer, picture framing equipment, tool sharpener, and so on. You could find used industrial machines, which can be less costly yet work properly. There are well-known sellers who sell these types of machines in the market. You are able to select from the old types, or you could certainly get some sort of new machines from the website.

Low priced suppliers will offer the most productive solutions which can be normally fully automated. For example industrial bins, tool sharpener, drum handling equipment, finger jointer, drill presses, picture framing equipment, and etc. However, you might want to spend a higher cost. Certainly, you can show preconditions and reconditioned industrial machines that will save costs, plus they are very reputable. It is only if you’re not looking at the most current solutions. So that you can repair many of these machines, you should think about a different aspect.

Applications of various industrial machines:

Industrial bins

These are used for the industrial storage. The variety of industrial bins is available in the market. Once can find it in different sizes and shapes. You can buy according to your requirements.

Drum handling equipments

Modern drum handling equipment has ability of reducing physical handling damages and driving down people compensation charges, provided the proper equipment is obtained for the kind of drum and the work to be executed. The drum handling is used in many industries for several purposes to handle the material cargo space to ravage handling.

Drill presses

Some sort of drill press is an everlasting technique of drill that may be placed on any as bolted on the floor. Drill presses enable you to do drilling in metallic substance, lumber and various materials.

Finger Jointer

The finger jointer is used in timber business. It is used to join two pieces of the cut wood by glue. This is more effective than lap joint. For a longer piece of wood, Finger Jointer is beneficial to use.

Picture framing equipment

To carry out the picture framing effectively and in a cost-effective way, it is recommended to use picture framing equipment. You can do your job according to your choice of artwork and style. Using it will surely make you amazed the utilisation of the picture framing equipment will save your money and time.

Material Handling Industry Heritage

August 15th, 2015

Fabrics Handling Industry seems to have matured as no time before. Ever since a industrial revolution began, goods needed to get transported at a greater scale. These transports as well as movement of possessions and materials became the material treatment industry, a mature industry and that has anchored in all corners with the globe and possesses

The Industry Description
By definition, this optimization business is definitely the movement, protection, regulate and storage with goods before, during and as soon as the production or development process. But also incorporates the handling involving goods during distribution to separate consumers and even within the consumption and the disposal portion of the end product. Every little handling falls within the handling industry.

The logistics industry highly contains the material dealing with industry and in several ways is intertwined using this type of industry as nicely. The tow industries go in hand in order to allow supply chain technique go as fluently as is feasible.

A Little Business History
This management business has existed ever since humans had been trading goods. Once trading and manufacturing started to happen at a better scale more efficient systems needed to be developed and produced into place. Gear and optimization happen to be constantly evolving to make sure you facilitate the demand of goods.

The industrial movement was sparked of in the uk in the earlier 18th century in the event the first commercially realistic steam engines accessed the manufacturing, mining, agricultural and moving processes. These inventions plus contraptions were shipped internationally to increase production volumes as well as the industrialization of the world became a basic fact. The material management industry developed along side.

In principle i am still in the course of the industrial industrial wave, as we keep progressing forward. Water vapor engines were merely the spark which will flamed the manufacturing process. But the introduction within the combustion engine, electric, electronics, the microchip now nano technology are all part of a continuing industrial revolutionary procedure. And all along this industry will continue to expand, developed and progressed as well.

Material Handling Market of America
Companies in that material handling business have united inside MHIA in north america. The MHIA belongs to the largest organizations on the earth representing the components handling industry. Not strange as the us is the largest economy on the planet. The MHIA is a non-profit trade institution helping its members to complete more efficiently for the world platform.

This commercial enterprise is surely an exciting industry as one as it keeps progressing and filtering during the processes needed towards optimize the action, protection, control along with storage of products. The consumption regarding material handling and also logistics equipment and systems for some exceeds $156 billion per annum, and producers employ for longer than 700, 000 working people.

Industrial Ovens and Their Endless Application Possibilities

July 12th, 2015

Industrial ovens are used for three main purposes‚¬€preheating, drying, and curing. And, they are also used for other operations such as burn off and large-scale baking applications.

An industrial oven is quite different from the domestic use ovens that most people are familiar with. Industrial ovens are used for three main purposes‚¬€preheating, drying, and curing. And, they are also used for other operations such as burn off and large-scale baking applications.

Here’s a quick overview of each application:

‚¬ Preheating: This process is carried out in order to prepare metals or other materials for a subsequent process.
‚¬ Baking: This involves heating the material to a desired level without completely depriving it of its moisture content. Such ovens are used for baking food products, or also for making porcelain, ceramic or clay items.
‚¬ Drying: Objects that have emerged from a pre-wash or chemical treatment need to be dried thoroughly before they can be put through the next process. A drying oven helps achieve this by eliminating moisture from objects.
Curing: This slow process is aimed at gradually altering the chemical or physical properties of an object by exposing it to controlled amounts of heat over a specified period of time.

Another very widely used industrial oven type is the burn off ovens. As the name indicates, these ovens are used for burning off varnish, epoxy, paint, grease, oil, and rubber from metals. For instance, it can be used for keeping paint racks clean or eliminating traces of corrosion before a new coat of paint can be applied. Heat cleaning of metal parts is carried out using burn off ovens.

Industrial ovens are available in several different varieties. The size and shape of the oven is determined by the batch volume that needs to be processed. The space available at the unit or facility is another deciding factor when it comes to size considerations. Such ovens are available in different shapes. For instance, there are batch ovens, large box ovens, rotating ovens, and deep chamber ovens.

Here are some desirable attributes of efficient industrial ovens:
. They should be energy efficient. There are ovens that operate on electricity or gas, and industries can choose one that’s compatible with their needs.
. Such ovens should be constructed in a sturdy manner, using the best electrical and metal components.
. Most important of all, such an oven needs to be safe even when operating continuously over extended periods. Aspects such as temperature controls, air circulation, latching mechanisms should be of the highest industrial standards.

With automation making an impact in nearly all aspects of our life, industrial ovens are no exception. There are One Touch Control ovens that feature self-adjusting systems for efficient operations. This reduces the chances of errors, as the user just has to hit the start button and the oven does the remaining work.